L-Arginine & Malaria

Amino Acid Can Help
Treat Malaria

Extremely low levels of arginine and too little nitric oxide are linked to the most severe malaria cases. Arginine levels are so closely correlated to disease severity that researchers can predict which children have the most severe cases based on their arginine levels.


“Our goal is to harness the power of Nutritional Genomics. We aim to understand genetic variations in the metabolism of specific nutrients, beginning with L-Arginine, and to develop methodologies specifically addressing and ameliorating genetic variants.”



“Encode ® is being hailed as one of the most important and significant research projects in the field of human health. Imagine being able to treat Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia with a cherry-drink that has no side effects and no chemicals. So many children suffer with these diseases globally – it is for them that we strive to find solutions hidden within the DNA.”

Dr. Ann de Wees Allen
Chief of Research
Encode® Research Project

Genetic Breakthrough
Announced by Medical Community

Top Researchers Break the Code to Genetic
Diseases Sickle Cell & Thalassemia

Scientists have discovered the Key Code to a new treatment for Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia, the number one genetic disease in the world.

Fellow researchers named the group The Dream Team due to their groundbreaking research and discoveries in the field of NutraGenomics.
Graphic courtesy of: www.irondisorders.org

Touted globally as one of the most important discoveries of this century, researchers say that “This discovery may well be worthy of the Nobel Prize in Medicine.”

Chief Research Scientist
Encode® Research Project

  Dr. Ann de Wees Allen
Chief of Biomedical Research at the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, D.C.,
Named the World’s Leading L-Arginine Researcher
Received the first Glycemic Patent ever awarded
Discovered that L-Arginine is a Blind Amino Acid ®
Patents Held: L-Arginine Biochemistry and Safe L-Arginine in Humans
27-years of research in the field of L-Arginine biochemistry
Conducts Human In Vivo Clinical Trials for the U.S. Government, as well as the largest food companies in the world, including Proctor & Gamble and Hershey Foods,
Who’s Who of American Inventors

Patents Pending in Genetic Polymorphisms

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